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Our farm estate is located in Tuscany, in Bolgheri D.O.C., one of the most prestigious areas for its important production of high quality wines, acknowledged by both Italian and foreign consumers.
The building, situated in Castagneto Carducci, dates back to 1698, when it was donated with the name of “Casa al Piano” by Guido Alberto della Gherardesca to the family Tringali-Casanuova, who received it thanks to the merits acquired in the area of Castagneto Carducci.
Thanks to its 5-hectares vineyard, the farm estate produces red wines, which are strong and elegant at the same time. Meanwhile, 1500 olive trees give rise to an extra virgin olive oil, which has typical and peculiar Tuscan features, with a particular fruity and spicy taste.


Tasting room


The renovation of the old farmhouse and the recent restructuring of the company buildings allow us today to welcome visitors for stays or targeted visits in a comfortable environment, with a familiar and refined taste at the same time.
To this end, after careful re-evaluation of existing structures, arose our large tasting room, hospitality and relaxation, where you can discover our products in a unique setting overlooking the vineyards and the ancient old oak tree that embraces t hem. The historic winery, restored to its original function, is the location for our best wine vintages and it is an interesting example of how occurred the storage of wines in past times.
Visits during the grape or olive harvest allow to directly enter in touch with the reality of our company. Throughout the year, staying at Casa al Piano offers a relaxing atmosphere for a pleasant stay combined with the curiosity to get to know our company and our products.

The area is protected from winter winds by a chain of hills ...


The production area of ​​our wine is located along the Tuscan coast, province of Livorno, in the prestigious area of ​​Bolgheri D.O.C.
The area is protected from winter winds by a chain of hills that runs parallel to the coast, while in summer, this "corridor" between the sea and hills It is crossed by refreshing winds that are generated in West by the Tyrrhenian Sea.
Today, it is shown that it is the proximity to the sea ​​to favor the production of great wines, to Bolgheri as in Bordeaux, a city with which Bolgheri It is twinned because of these wonderful features they have in common.
Between Bolgheri and Castagneto, facing the sea, at the foot of the hills and in the plain of Castagneto, you will find the best vineyards. Between August and September the refreshing winds and the temperature range between day and night in fact cause slow and gradual grapes maturations, helping to keep the correct acidity, necessary for wine balance.

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Extra virgin olive oil

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Extra virgin olive oil

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Our olive trees, which cover an area of ​​5 hectares situated 55 meters above sea level, are raised in pots of specialized cultivation. Obtained only by Our olive groves, the oil is cold pressed and bottled at our company to always be able to guarantee quality and authenticity to our Customers.
We collect the olives from the end of October until the second half of November; in this period the olives are rich in substances that give fragrance and allow the oil to be kept unchanged longer in time. At the end of every collection day the olives are brought to the oil mill and cold pressed to preserve the aromas and the protective substances contained in fruits. The oil is left to decant naturally to divest himself of the pieces of fruit remained in suspension and stored carefully to prevent to light, air and temperature to change specifications that make it such a valuable food.

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